Are you a Plumber With Leaky Taps?

Just like the plumber whose taps are always leaking, it’s easy to get so caught up in your clients’ work that you forget to work on your own business. Of course, your clients are important and the work you do for them pays the bills, but it can’t be to the detriment of your own business.

Why is it important to find a balance?

There’s no doubt that clients should to an extent take priority but it’s important to find time to dedicate to your own business. This is important for several reasons.

When you work on your business rather than in it, you are often working on elements that may be customer facing whether it’s your website, advertising or other promotional activities. If these aspects of your business are out of date or don’t accurately reflect the nature of your business, it could impact your ability to attract new clients. New clients are what will keep your business ticking along.

You also need to make time to review your business practices and ensure that your business is compliant and performing to its full potential. Take the opportunity to see what’s working within your business and promoting growth as well as ensuring that your systems, insurances, and any other important policies and procedures are up to date.

Setting time aside for your business will help you keep on top of things without encroaching on quality time for yourself. There are always administrative tasks that need to be completed whether it’s invoicing, filing or reconciling accounts. These tasks need to be kept up to date because if you don’t send invoices, you don’t get paid or if the accounts aren’t in order, you end up being in a mad rush at the end of the financial year because your records aren’t ready for your accountant on time! Falling behind on any of these tasks then brings the temptation to work on them when you should be taking time out for yourself or spending quality time with your family.

While we often think that working on our business means physically dedicating time to business systems and practices, it could also entail doing some professional training. This could be to learn a new skill or build on those you already have. Regardless, this is a valuable tool not only for your professional development but also in terms of the expertise you can offer your clients.

When you set aside time to work on your business, it not only benefits you and your business but also your clients. It ensures your clients are receiving the best possible product and service.

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