System Setup packages

Does your business need to move from clunky, inefficient systems to those that free you up to build to the next level? CRMs, booking processes and job-management systems can provide immediate results. Save time, stop missing leads, stop things from falling through the cracks.

If you already know what systems or outcomes you want, that’s great! We can just do the grunt work to get it up and running. If you need a bit more help to diagnose the cause or migrate your ops, we can step you through from start to finish.

Our System Setup offering comes in three packages:

Integration and Automation

Let your systems do the hard work for you while saving money and time by reducing repetitive tasks, double-handling and human error. Including:

  • Zapier, Integromat, Power Automate or native integrations
  • Zapier or Integromat account setup (if needed)
  • Connecting separate systems to automate repetitive functions.

Standard Setup

Introducing and implementing your new systems:

  • Implementation of already selected CRM or job management program
  • Applying business branding
  • Setting up user profile settings
  • Setting up templates for up to five key functions
  • Setting up input forms
  • Importing existing data (already clean)
  • One dashboard
  • Resource documents created and provided
  • Development of additional templates, dashboards or functions charged at an hourly rate.

VIP System Implementation

Everything in Standard Setup, plus:

  • Business review to identify needs, research and recommend the best product options
  • One month of ongoing support
  • Additional dashboards, templates and forms
  • Training videos
  • Up to five integrations or automations.

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