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Get to know Aspire Admin Services

Aspire Admin Services is an Australian family-owned and operated business, designed to take care of the day-to-day administrative side of your business, all so you can get on with the work you’re really there to do.
Yes, we specialise in supporting allied health practices, but we’re more than skilled to assist businesses across other industries – especially professional services firms, consultants and freelancers.

You’re probably like most professionals. When you struck out alone, you thought you could do it all. Yet, despite a heroic work ethic and effort, you have come to realise that, while you may be able to do it all, it’s just not practical or profitable.

You’re spending too much time on low-value tasks, not the stuff that actually makes money or builds a business. You’ve come to realise that doing it all yourself is a false economy.

  • Your time is finite – use it better.
  • Your energy is limited – expend it more wisely.
  • Your skills are specialised – outsource to those with stronger skills where you have a shortfall.
You didn’t train up in your specialist field to answer emails, manage calendars and file reports. You’re in this to help people. And we’re here to help you do that, and to empower you to build a business that supports that goal.
Going from where you are to where you want to be will take time, money and effort. But stay the course, and the boundaries, business rules, systems and processes will pay off dramatically in business success, professional development and, yes, more money.

Meet Managing Director Paula Rose

Hi, I’m Paula Rose, Managing Director of Aspire Admin Services. I started Aspire specifically to help people in allied health run their businesses better. Our first client was a speech pathologist. Over the years, we’ve added more and more clients in various fields, including many from general professional services outside of the allied health field.

Today, Aspire Admin Services is far more than just a one-woman show. Along with my team, I offer all of the administration support and services you’ll need to grow your business to the next level, with a solid foundation of policies, procedures and resources.

A little about me:

10 years of experience

Working in compliance, quality control and practice management has given me the skills to implement and excel in complex systems and processes.

Team Leader

A background in managing successful national teams in previous roles and now I lead my own “dream team” of experts.

Charity and not-for-profit

A treasurer in two organisations, one of which I was a founding participant for.


I have completed officially recognised courses in leadership and management, accounts and payroll administration, medical terminology, and counselling. Further, I am currently working towards my Diploma of Practice Management.

Our community and testimonials

Aspire Admin Services sees small business people as part of a community whose members are striving to improve and chase their goals. As such, we’re proud members of many business owners groups for advice, education and networking. These include:

  • Flying Solo
  • Women’s Business Collective
  • Small Business First
  • The Freelance Collective
  • Virtually Yours
  • VA Directory
  • Digital Mums Directory


Our team

At Aspire Admin Services, your main contact will be Managing Director Paula Rose. However, through her, you will have access to a complete range of business support skills. Each member of our extended team is a successful professional in their field.

Maria Russo

Maria has over 20 years of experience in business administration across retail, management, government agencies, 3PL, warehousing and transport. Today, her focus is operations, customer service management and accounts. She has a passion for helping people solve problems.

Annette Rizzo

With over 10 years of experience writing content for publications, blogs, websites and marketing campaigns, Annette understands how to engage audiences. As part of delivering clear and consistent messaging, she builds long-lasting relationships and is committed to producing high-quality work.

Marianne Tansley

Marianne works with clients to ensure their documents are professional, accurate and on-brand. Her keen interest in making things easier for you means Marianne loves making comprehensive templates that can be used time and again.

Katie Crawley

As an office manager with a background in large clinics, Katie started her business journey after seeing a lot of great practitioners struggling to ‘do it all’, burning themselves out and missing out on having a life outside of work.

Sara Mitchell

Sara has extensive experience in executive support across various industries, including health, education and finance. As an achievement-oriented and highly organised individual, Sara excels at giving clients top-level administration support. She enjoys putting systems into place and bringing order out of chaos.

Wendy McLaughlin

Wendy has over 20 years of experience as a personal/executive assistant/team assistant in a variety of industries including telecommunications, utilities, IT, arts, entertainment and government agencies. Our queen of organisation, Wendy helps Paula and the whole team stay on top of things.

We’re adaptable because your needs are unique

All up, you can see why and how Aspire Admin Services has been built from the ground up to take care of the day-to-day admin of Aussie small businesses. All to help you get back to the work you’re really in business to do.

You’ve made it this far. That’s proof you have the work ethic to make it as a business owner. What you’ve lacked are the work systems and workflows and work boundaries to capitalise on your passion for your profession. And, with Aspire Admin Services, you’ve just found a way to get them all.

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