Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life

Work is a necessity for most people. There are bills to pay, food to buy, and luxuries to indulge in. The daily grind continues; the alarm sounds in the morning; we begrudgingly leave our warm bed and get ready to tackle the day ahead. We go to work, get paid, and pay the bills. Regardless of how we feel about our job, it has to be done.

But what if this wasn’t the case? What if you woke up each morning with a spring in your step and an eagerness to get to work? For anyone who loves their job, this might be true.

We may be in a particular job for a variety of reasons. We may have studied for years to enter our chosen field, we may have taken a job out of necessity, or we may just be in a job because we’ve been there for years so why change now?

Whatever the reason, work should ideally be an enjoyable experience. So how can we look forward to work each day?

Love what you do

The quote, ‘love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life’ and its many variations rings true. When you’re leaving the house each morning to do something you enjoy and are passionate about, your job feels less like work.

Over time we have learnt if we want something we should go out and get it. So why can’t we do the same when it comes to our job? Granted, changing jobs isn’t all that easy but we can explore our options and see how to go about finding a job that makes us want to get up each morning.

Think about what you enjoy doing and consider if you are good at it. Then do your research. Check to see if you need any qualifications or skills to work in that field. If further study is required, look into courses. If it’s truly what you love the further study will be something to look food to. You may also be able to volunteer in your chosen field in your spare time to gain experience.

So many people have changed direction after many years in a particular profession so it’s never too late to do what you love.

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