Juggling Motherhood and Business Ownership

Whether you’re a mother or a business owner, both roles are demanding. But what if you’re both? Many women juggle motherhood with business ownership and while it can be challenging, there are also many rewards and benefits to this.

Being a mother and business owner can mean squeezing in time to work between parenting duties or scheduling meetings to work around childcare as well as managing time pressures. On the flip side of that, running your own business gives you the flexibility to attend your child’s school events, in most cases work hours that suit your family and have some flexibility to look after your sick children if the need arises.

So, how can you make juggling motherhood and business ownership easier for yourself? How do you give each of your priorities – motherhood and business the time they deserve? There are many things you can do to find the right balance between family and business commitments. 

Many would agree, organisation is key. Both motherhood and business rely on it and it goes a long way to ensuring things run smoothly but while it is important, there are many other things you can do to effectively juggle these two roles.

Create a schedule

A schedule will help you plan your day so clashes between family and work commitments are less likely to occur. Most business owners would agree, that owning your own business means there are no set hours and at times your business will have demands that just can’t be sorted out during business hours. If this is the case allocate time that is purely for family and set aside some time to focus solely on business matters.

Have a reliable support team

Having people around that can support you at home or at work will help ease some of the pressure you may face. Employing reliable staff will ensure your business is in good hands when you’re not there. The same goes for your family. Having one or many people that can help you out when you have to work will ensure your family is well looked after.

Be flexible

Kids getting sick or clients not being able to meet at a time that suits you means you may have to shuffle things around. Having some flexibility to re-arrange your day will allow you to accommodate unexpected changes.

Prioritising work and family commitments

There are elements of family and business you just can’t miss. Prioritising special family occasions, extra-curricular activities, important business meetings and anything else that requires you to be present should all be prioritised.

While these factors can help with juggling motherhood and business ownership, everyone is different and it’s important to find a system that works for you and your circumstances.

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