Task and Project Management Software

Task and Project Management Software enables users to manage workflows and tasks crucial to ensuring the success of a project.

These types of software allow project managers to breakdown projects into tasks. By delegating tasks to team members and setting deadlines, project managers can track tasks from beginning to end. They help save time, prioritise work and improve productivity.

There are many project and task management software programs available. Some of the most popular include ClickUp, Asana and Google Workspace. So, what do they do?


ClickUp is a task list and project management tool that assists companies and individuals to streamline internal workflows. With the ability to organise teams and departments it makes delegating tasks and collaborating on projects easy and efficient.


ClickUp has many features to help your project run smoothly. These include:

  • Everything View
    • Find everything you need at a glance in this view
  • Space, Folder, List
    • Organise your teams and departments into spaces, your projects into folders and your tasks into lists
  • Customisable Tasks
    • Over 35 ClickApps enable you to customise your task management
  • Nested subtasks and checklists
    • Breakdown projects into subtasks
  • Customisable Views
    • Over 15 view options allow users to visualise projects and tasks in a manner that suits them.
  • Automations
    • Automate routine tasks and processes
  • Templates
    • Save time by using provided templates
  • Relationships
    • Link tasks and documents to access everything in one place
  • Integrations
    • Integrate thousands of your favourite tools. Sync team calendars, messaging apps, cloud storage etc.
  • Workload and Box View
    • View your team’s day-to-day workload to see who is over or under capacity so you can allocate resources effectively
  • Milestones     
    • Set milestones to flag when an important stage in a project is complete
  • Pulse
    • View automatic activity reports to see where time is being spent
  • Team Collaboration
    • Communicate with project team members, upload, and share documents
  • Time Management
    • Track time, allocate time estimates to tasks and create reports for billable time

Fully customisable, ClickUp is a great software solution for teams of all types, industries, and sizes.


Like other project management software, Asana streamlines processes and makes managing projects and tasks more efficient. Eliminating the need to jump between spreadsheets and sift through emails, Asana conveniently holds all project-related information in one shared space.

Multiple views, templates, forms, and integrations enable teams to collaborate effectively to ensure projects and tasks are completed by the given deadline.


Asana has many features to help teams work efficiently. These include:

  • Workflow Builders
    • To create automated processes to coordinate teams
  • Timelines
    • To help you build Gantt charts to keep teams on track
  • Boards
    • See and track work on Kanban boards
  • Calendar
    • View your team’s work on one shared calendar
  • App Integrations
    • Allows you to bring all your tools and data together in one space
  • Reporting
    • For real time progress on any stream of work
  • Goals
    • Set goals and view their progress to keep teams on track
  • Forms
    • Submit and manage work requests
  • Automation
    • Streamline processes and spend less time on routine tasks
  • Workload
    • Manage your team’s workload to ensure they aren’t over or under capacity
  • Desktop and Mobile Apps
    • Sync your work across devices

Asana is an easy way for organisations to manage teams and projects.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace enhances productivity and collaboration in the workplace. A little different to other project and task management tools, Google Workspace is perfect for businesses that not only require the project management aspects of the software but also email hosting.


Google Workspace’s features include:

  • Gmail business email
    • Stay in touch with custom email for your business
  • Meet
    • Hold video and voice conferencing calls
  • Drive
    • Utilise secure cloud storage
  • Chat
    • Communicate with your team via messaging
  • Calendar
    • Share and view calendars to coordinate catchups
  • Docs, Sheets and Slides
    • Collaborate on projects using shared documents
  • AppSheet
    • Create apps without requiring code

Google Workspace offers a flexible and innovative solution in the workplace with the added benefit of familiarity among users.

Regardless of which project or task management software you choose for your business, the use of this type of software will make working on projects and tasks so much more efficient and increase productivity in the workplace.

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