How do you know when you’re ready to start outsourcing?

This is such a powerful and scary question to ask: “when am I ready to start outsourcing?” But it is such an important question that can have a huge impact on your business. No time is the perfect time, but I have shared some signs that may indicate that you are ready to take that first step.

Spending too much time on low-value tasks

Let’s face it we all think at the start that we can do it all within our business. However, we soon realise that we may be able to do it all but it is not practical. We end up spending too much time on low-value tasks that don’t bring in the income that we need. It takes away from those high value ticket items that we need to be working and focusing on. This is a clear sign that it might be time to outsource these low-value tasks which will give you time back to focus on the higher-value tasks.

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed

Two emotions that we do not want to be feeling if we can help it. The pressure of stress on top of feeling overwhelmed can be a recipe for disaster. When these sensations arise, we can often see signals within our business and life. Like forgetting to email a customer, forgetting an important meeting, or missing dinner for the fourth time this week. Each one is a clear sign that it is time to start outsourcing. It can help with taking the pressure off you to do everything, and tasks are completed more efficiently.

Your creative spark and energy are gone

Coming up with new ideas in business is essential. It keeps us ahead of the game and moving forward. But when we can’t come up with new ideas we feel stuck in that moment, without the momentum to move forward. When we feel overwhelmed in our business and are too busy doing everything, our creative spark is the first thing to go. It is then hard to come up with new ideas when we have no energy or time left to think clearly. This is another important sign that it may be time to outsource tasks within your business; to give you time and space to bring back your creativity.   

Forgetting what your family looks like

Although we make promises that we will not put our business before our family, sometimes it can get overwhelming, and we end up spending more time at work than at home. When we have to do every task within our business there isn’t much time left in the day or night. By the time we get home, we feel exhausted and don’t have much energy left. If we continue living each day like this, running on empty, it will result in burn out. Which is not something that anyone wants to have, because then we will not have any strength or focus to put back into our business. This is a strong sign that you need to look into outsourcing those tasks that are taking away from your time with your family.

Finding it hard to keep up with customers’ requests

This is a great issue to have. It’s a sign that business is growing and we have the opportunity for a increase in income. One thing we need to ask ourselves before it gets to the overwhelming stage is: ‘can I do this on my own?’ If we are feeling overwhelmed and not able to give each client the time they require then it’s a sign that to start outsourcing. Our customers are important and essential to our business, and we need to service their needs.

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