Looking after yourself as well as your clients and patients

Regardless of the type of profession you work in, it’s not uncommon to want to do everything you can to keep your clients or patients happy. And while looking after your clients and patients to keep them content is important, it’s equally important that you look after yourself while providing this optimal level of service.  … Continue reading Looking after yourself as well as your clients and patients

Practice Management Software

Practice management software is used in medical and healthcare practices. It helps organise administrative tasks, streamline appointment bookings, simplify invoicing and billing processes and manage client and patient medical records. Some of the most used practice management software are Cliniko and Halaxy. Cliniko Cliniko is a complete practice management application used by thousands of healthcare … Continue reading Practice Management Software

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

Virtual receptionists offer call answering services to businesses of all sizes and types, ensuring no call goes unanswered. They often become an integral part of a business. Virtual receptionists offer business owners flexibility and increased productivity when it comes to running their businesses. They can answer all calls, overflow calls, or just the calls that … Continue reading What is a Virtual Receptionist?

Virtual Support for Allied Health

At times everyone needs a bit of help with their business and allied health practitioners are no different. While not part of the medical, nursing, or dental professions, allied health professionals prevent, diagnose, and treat a range of medical conditions and illnesses. Allied health professionals can work across a variety of settings including hospitals, private … Continue reading Virtual Support for Allied Health

Task and Project Management Software

Task and Project Management Software enables users to manage workflows and tasks crucial to ensuring the success of a project. These types of software allow project managers to breakdown projects into tasks. By delegating tasks to team members and setting deadlines, project managers can track tasks from beginning to end. They help save time, prioritise … Continue reading Task and Project Management Software

Software Reviews

Running a business is made easier when you have the right software. There are so many software programs on the market all aimed at making business processes run smoothly. Different types of programs There are programs available for each function of your business. Different types of programs include: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Project ManagementTask ManagementPractice ManagementAutomation … Continue reading Software Reviews